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    Here, we can look to paradigmatic types of coercion, such as war and invasion, coupled with economic leverage created by control over institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to see how this framework has been created and maintained(Lucas 1966, 61–2) A church, for instance, might even leverage its threats with claims about the final disposition of one's mortal soulStevens, Robert (1988)Edited by Charles W2017 There are various options available to the United States, but little evidence that coercion on its own will workOne gets an intuitive idea of this sort of freedom in comparing the situation of a prison inmate to that of someone outside prison


    Nonetheless, there will be some cases where the answers to these questions will show that the coercee played no role in his own incapacitation, and is therefore not to be held responsible for things the coercer caused him to do or not doIf, for instance, a bouncer is able to remove a patron from the bar whether she likes it or not, then if the bouncer threatens to do so, her walking out of the bar in response to such a threat may be regarded as no more voluntary than her being carried out by force3The remainder of this section will highlight more quickly some of the less noticed ways that Nozick's analysis framed subsequent discussionsThe Occupational Safety and Health Administrations whistleblower statutes protect drivers from retaliationWertheimer, Alan (1987)


    2017 A question of coercion: This is not simply a matter of which method is best for resolving disputes over patient safety, accidents or complaintsOne might thus object to moralized accounts on the grounds that we have reason to track and scrutinize uses of this technique whether performed well or badly, justly or unjustlyFirst, he argues that the law's coerciveness need not depend directly on the state's own enforcement apparatus; the state might use vigilantes, private contractors, or other private means for this function.[28] Moreover, he aims to limit law's responsibility for coercive acts to just those that it in fact authorizes: extra-legal uses of coercion by the state should not be chalked up to law's coercivenessBut Mill seems in general to take a more expansive view of what coercion amounts to than did those surveyed above, appearing to treat the terms “coercion” and “interference” as much the same thing in On Liberty'Muster' or 'Mustard': Which Gets a Pass? One gets cut


    — stephen koff, cleveland.com, "Donald Trump sides with nursing homes that want to limit residents' right to sue," 3 AugApplications for theories of coercion Theories of coercion can have significant implications in a number of different particular ranges of application, falling roughly into two categories: domestic and international“Some Paradoxes of Deterrence,” The Journal of Philosophy, 75: 285–302The state too uses both coercion and force (to maintain law)What's up with that? Word Games September 2017 Words of the Day Quiz A happy little quizThere is also reason to doubt that what the coercer did in such cases rises to meet the bar at which we should consider it coerciveWhile perhaps not nice, it seems to require no special moral justification for this action (or the threat of this action) to be ethically permissibleCoercion in the private sphere


    4.2.3 Coercion in international relations between rich and poor Although relations between those with unequal economic power are often said to be coercive, this claim is more accurate in some cases than in othersRoland and John WSo unless the coercer or coercee is irrational (and the other perceives him as such), or unless one is deceived about the other's relative power (or rationality), coercion requires some significant differential in power between coercer and coercee for it, in general, to be a rational, useful techniqueIt is important to notice that since coerced acts are always strictly voluntary, they are never automatically disqualified from responsibilityRothbard, Murray N 22c7c4b003

    Tim Tigner


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